New Apparel Collection - 01/05/2018

Victorious Crewnecks.


I am super excited to be announcing the launch of a whole new product on Victorious Caps - APPAREL!

I know, it's been a long time coming! I have been promising apparel since the launch of Victorious Caps... it hasn't been easy though! Between trying to decide on a design I love, finding suppliers and calculating the quantities, sizes and colours to order, I almost lost hope. But thank God I didn't. Whenever I look up at my wall, I see the Bold Black Hope Cap hanging and starring back at me lol - such a perfect reminder to not lose hope, I'm telling you! But God has been really good and been teaching me how to be patient throughout this season and hopefully teaching all those who have been earnestly waiting the same.

This collection means a lot to me not only because a lot of sweat and sleepless night went into producing this but because of what it symbolizes and what I hope it will bring to your life. 


/// The DESIGN: 

As this is the first apparel item to be launched with the brand, my idea was to keep things simple and straight to the point. I drafted a few prototypes with the brand logo but it didn't achieve exactly what I wanted from this design. The VICTORIOUS script across the chest is a statement. 

A statement to yourself and to those around you. Which is essentially what I try to achieve with this brand. It's really for you and to let others know that you ain't no loser. 

The cursive script was chosen in order to match the branding of Victorious Caps and for those who will wonder, I did want to keep the consistency and have the cross instead of the normal letter 'T' in order to match the brand logo, but it didn't look quite right as it was not centered. So there you have it, the story behind this design. 



What I try to achieve with the brand, as you may already know is to remind ourselves that we are victorious. It's so important for me to share this message with young people because in a world full of problems and hopelessness, and in the midst of our own problems and obscure life seasons, we forget who we have on our side rooting for us and his name is Jesus.

This very same Jesus came to this world 2000+ years ago to die in our place and resurrected from the dead 3 days later like a G! And in return won the VICTORY over sin, shame, sickness, hopelessness, brokenness and everything else associated with darkness. I'm not trying to preach, but I just want to let you know how deep this message is for me. So anyways, none of the products on Victorious Caps bare the words "Victorious" so far, so I knew I had to come out with something that went straight to the point especially for my first apparel piece. For the future pieces, maybe I'll do something crazy and artsy, but for this one, my inspiration was the message of the brand and I wanted it to be communicated clearly. 


/// What's to come:

More Apparel

When I sent out my crewnecks for production, I spent a lot of time thinking about the purpose of this brand and how different it is compared to other brands I have seen online. 

My goal when starting Victorious Caps was not to become a typical "christian apparel" brand. My focus was caps, hence the brand name. Although my focus will remain on caps, I am committed to launching apparel products once to twice a year. I found myself stressing way too much for something that truthfully isn't really my alley. I believe in doing what you've been called to do and give your 100% to that one thing. Never say never of course, but in due season, when God gives me inspiration for something new, you'll hear about it in these streets ;)  


Winter in Ottawa lasted longer than expected (eye roll) so photoshoots were halted for a bit. But my faithful God answered my prayers and supplications and dropped Spring on us without warning... so that being said, the Spring Lookbook will be dropping in the 1st week of May once the products are live on the website. 

Summer Collection

I think it's time for new hats with a whole new saying on them don't you think? I have been in the design lab doing work and my design is finally approved (by me, Victoria) and it is fire! It'll be sent for production in the next few weeks so my aim is to have that ready for you all just in time for the hot summer days! Keep an eye out for June, I promise to drop another blog or something to keep you in the loop!


- Victoria 

The apparel is now available!

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