How it all started


                 Where it all started...

Spring 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland 


Victorious Caps came about one day while I was on exchange in the beautiful city of Geneva in Switzerland. 

While sitting in my bedroom studying for my Winter Semester finals, I felt discouraged and overwhelmed. I had so many things going on personally and with school that I desperately needed to find a way to motivate, encourage and boost myself up. It was also vital that I remind myself that I could make it and finish my third year of University just as strong as I had started it. 


How I came up with the design

I then opened up Microsoft PowerPoint and did what I do best, creative design. I had up to 5 slides with different texts and images of encouragement. The first was "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" , and another with the word "Champion" and many other. I would look up once a while to look at those slides and this encouraged me to keep studying and finish my semester.

Going through many challenges in terms of education and life in general, I lost faith in myself and God many times. I did not think I could take on all that life was throwing at me. One funny thing is, the fact that my name is Victoria sort gave me that constant reminder that I am victorious no matter what. 

Then one day I thought of all the people in the world who also go through challenges on a daily... especially other students, just like I do and who believe the lie they tell themselves that they cannot make it or that they cannot accomplish whatever they are trying to accomplish. 


How I chose the brand name

I started considering starting a brand to encourage those people. The brand name "Victorious Caps" was inspired by my own name and also through my desire to sell baseball caps. I then hoped online, ordered some cool looking hats and just waited on them to arrive.  

During that time the little bit of faith I had left was slowly fading. I was discouraged because I found out I failed one of my classes needed for me to graduate on time, and I was also struggling to find money to pay for my last semester of University, so I clanged to the tiny bit of faith I had left.

One morning, the doorbell rings and its a delivery guy. I grab the package, open it and there, my hats had arrived!!! I immediately got down on my knees and praised God. I praised God because I could finally see my dream materialize itself. It became tangible. What I was trusting God for was finally becoming real.

Still with a bit of doubt lingering in my heart, I did not fully pursue the idea until a year later, the Lord confirmed that this is what he needed me to do.

Fast Forward to 2017, I stopped procrastinating and put everything in order. I picked up the idea again only this time, I decided to get some help. I made God my business partner, my CEO, my assistant, my secretary, my counsellor and everything else I need him to be. I understood that Victorious Caps is a ministry given to me by God and that I need to be involved in every detail of that business.

And now... summer 2017, you're probably wearing a Victorious Caps hat right now, if not you're on this website shopping for one. I hope you understand that God is at the centre of this brand. If this brand brings even just one soul closer to God, I know I have done my job.



- Victoria.


Victoria Simba